Bathroom Remodeling

The History of Bathroom Remodeling Central New Jersey

Towel this is the top side older the top this is the position for the top bracket this is the position for the lower bracket those are two two sides I made a Center so I know where to put a holes I took one of the brackets actually.

On both of them I mark Bathroom remodeling central new jersey where the middle is put it right to the line make a marks for the holes one is going to be right here one it’s going to be right here you want to have it centered so everything is nice and level same thing over here I’m going to use the hammer drill and umber bit and I’m going to drill the holes and I’m going.

To install my sharp um tea bush and that’s how the brackets look like on a wall and then I’m gonna put my shower whole quarter warm you some ideas about bathrooms and bathroom configurations and remodeling that’s one of the choices that I have fortunately I’ve been able to do a lot of things in my life and I want to share my knowledge I’m not claiming that.

I’m the best in fact that you know I’m just part of the system or somebody teaching me and I want to teach what we call okay so here’s the situation this bathroom was really enclosed the shower in them and the tub itself were separated you know sometimes all those things are good whenever you want to relax really well you know on your own different places but the problem was that the shower ratio was too small I mean all the amount of tile in all amount of walls and made this place really claustrophobic so for that I use so many of my customers and what we did is that we got a coyote and we work with a plumbing or easily and electricity in there here’s Dale come on.