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Is there Farm Life in Princeton?

Should I Buy a Farm in New Jersey?

I was looking at google maps the other day and I saw the busy New Jersey area with all its townships. It must be great to have a farm there! I wonder if there is any…

Is buying out there a good idea for you?

Lets be serious: Farming in Princeton would be pretty hard due to the high number of floods in the area. It is one of the greatest risk factor for agriculture. You can loose your crops in matter of days, and all those months of hard work will be gone. The terrain is most likely to be submerge in the event of a high intensity storm and will be difficult to drain the water.

Pro-s of living the Jersey life style

There is only one good side of having a residency in Princeton (NJ) and that is the great number of flood experts working as general contractors. For example you can have your bathroom floor done with flood proof laminated material which is an outstanding idea. Any home improvement work can be done with such concern in mind so don’t be worry about your flood damage. The only thing you have to do is to reach out to one of the contractors who offer bathroom remodeling in Princeton Nj.

What can you expect moving there?

The People of Princeton are gentle, well educated and well mannered. The information you need about housing can be found in the Township’s official website.

You can also get familiar with the landscape by checking out the image below.

photo of princeton nj landscape

Who wouldn’t want to spend a season of farming in this beautiful surroundings? Those refreshing green colors of the New Jersey forest! The vegetation is astonishing and the air is so clear it will make you feel dizzy. This is a perfect retreat from the noise of the big cities and stressful city life. This photo looks like a scene from a fairy tale and give it a thought…you can be in this fairy tale too if you move to Princeton.

I don’t know much about the property prices but I am pretty sure it will worth the money!



See it for your own eyes how fancy is this little town

I hope you liked this tour and you will have a chance to visit this wonderful place!

But if you want to get into farming, then consider elsewhere…