Bathroom Remodeling

How To Find Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The waters been blowing back to the spike into the wall, not just that one little towel loose wasn’t causing all the damage down in here and this is from it kids have on the shower head too high on the wall and blowing out the tile lets see it’s all rotted just spongy tear Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget.

It right apart you going to take your turbo I’m not reusing this tub I just windows in there and bust it out around my drain you see all around it I bust it around the drain I said this thing is very old this tubs coming up on years old that’s why it’s so nasty and then you got these little metal tabs back here.

Break all those loose from your studs you should be able to get your tube tight fit I’m one of those behind it halfway solid floor what that is a thought that enough good guys I could figure out how to tear all that out do that footing.

It’s all load-bearing goes right up beside the window there then I get all this wet and rotted flooring and this all the outside wall of the house this one hopefully isn’t too bad but it replaces that up too but there rip it all out.

There we go so far I’m taking a break it’s a couple hours or it working since about this morning it’s about now we’re still going to get that vanity out of there it out redo all that the mess hello again.

I’m Craig Heffernan from Heffernan construction in this video we’re going to show you how we remodel the bathroom using old barn wood the customer wanted something that way unique in the guest bathroom everything’s removed in the old bathroom including the vanity.