Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey

Have done with a broom Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey as far alike broom over and this if I was doing this again with what he showed me I think I’d be almost comfortable doing it myself basically he’s just taking a trowel and moving it lightly along the wall in somewhat random patterns and then he also installed a metal bead reel basically it’s an l-shaped metal bracket that goes one inch this direction and a half inch this direction has one option and that’s the one that fit right in there and really cleaned up the window corners so don’t think.

I’ll be using the trim after all and I just think it looks really clean as is I might induce the white paint or even some black paint Paid them two hundred and fifty dollars to do a little bit better job with the taping and texturing and then to do the Santa Fe texture now here I’ve cut out the cement board slots for the drain pan for the shower so it’s going to go down like this and the drain pan if I’ve cut correctly should fit snugly against the wall right up against the studs and that’s a lot better than just putting the drain pan up against the cement board as far as preventing water damages the water runs down the tile and get-the grout.

It some moisture will wick through the grout onto the cement board and is that as gravity pulls that water down we’re going to want it to end up inside the drain pan in here as opposed-to continuing to run down the cement board to the floorboard got three or four layers of rain guard inside those boxes if any water gets through there it’s all over so Was pretty liberal with the red guard Katherine.

Now his title time and I got pretty good chunk of the floor done Went through and laid out all the pieces ahead of time the middle pieces in diamond pattern I’m cutting right no wand I’m exactly sure this is the way it’s supposed to be done but seems liker cutting them.