Two Tips if You're Ordering Christmas Crackers in Bulk for Your Festive Wedding

14 April 2021
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Here are a few tips to follow if you're ordering Christmas crackers in bulk for your festive wedding.

Ensure the treats inside them complement your wedding meal

Treat-filled crackers are guaranteed to go down well with wedding guests, as they can have the snack-sized items inside the crackers after they've had their main meals and just want something light and tasty to nibble on whilst they chat and dance. It's worth making sure that the treats inside them complement your meal, as many of your guests may eat them shortly after they've finished their main courses and desserts.

For example, if you'll be serving mince pies with whipped cream for dessert, you might want to instruct your cracker-supplier to put mulled-wine-flavoured biscuits in the crackers, as mulled wine has the same type of spicy, warming flavour as the filling of a mince pie. Likewise, if you're serving a traditional Christmas fruitcake for dessert, you might want to have the supplier put some snowflake-shaped marzipan sweets in the crackers, as marzipan goes well with fruitcake.

This will mean that if your guests tuck into the snacks in their crackers right after their meals, they won't find the taste of whichever sweets they find inside them to be odd, due to them clashing with the flavours of the food they've eaten most recently. For instance, if you were to serve an orange-flavoured cake for dessert and then put mint sweets in the crackers, the latter might taste very unpleasant to the guests (despite this sweet being quite delicious in most circumstances) because orange and mint don't taste good together.

Have them delivered shortly before the wedding

It's best to have the Christmas crackers delivered shortly before the wedding. Even well-made Christmas crackers are delicate. The inserts are usually made from cardboard, which can be dented if it's squeezed too hard or dropped, whilst the paper around them can get torn or creased if the cracker it's on gets slightly crushed. As such, if the crackers will be used as part of the table decorations at your festive wedding and you want them to look perfect, you should order them well in advance, but have them delivered shortly before the wedding.

Doing this will mean the food supplier will have enough time to source any festive treats you've told them to put in the crackers, and you'll only have to worry about keeping this large number of crackers safe and pristine for a brief period. During this period, you should ensure that you have a clean, unused storage area that you can put them in. Avoid storing them in any humid rooms (as the humidity could make the paper or the cardboard warp) or on any surfaces that they could roll off of.