How can you create a unique Christmas cracker for your big event?

7 February 2020
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What makes a perfect Christmas meal for your family? For some people, it is sitting down to a traditional meal with all of the family gathered around. For others, it is a less formal occasion with people free to eat how they wish. Whatever Christmas looks like to you, one component that is always included is fun, and for most people, Christmas crackers are an essential part of the celebration. If you are planning a family Christmas celebration, then you may be satisfied with a box of crackers from the supermarket or your nearest store, but that solution isn't right for every circumstance.

Are you planning a big celebration?

If you are planning a Christmas event for your company or organisation then it's time to be a little more adventurous when it comes to your crackers. While the food you are serving may be the same Christmas fare that your guests could get anywhere, the crackers are an opportunity to really stamp your individuality on the event. By purchasing wholesale Christmas crackers from a company like Party Temptation, you can customise the crackers to create a package that truly represents your organisation.

How can you change the inside of your crackers?

When Christmas crackers are pulled, there is a snap or a bang, and then traditionally there are three items inside the cracker: a joke or motto, a gift, and a paper hat or crown. With wholesale Christmas crackers, each of these three items can be customised to better suit your requirements. You can increase the value of the gift, add branding to a paper crown or make other adjustments; talk to your provider to find the perfect branding solution for your crackers.

How can you change the outside of your crackers?

While customising the inside of your wholesale Christmas crackers is important, it is the outside of the crackers that people will see first, and this is where you have the best opportunity to make your personal branding visible. Wholesale Christmas crackers are generally available in a variety of colour schemes. You could opt for traditional Christmas colours such as red or gold, or any branding printing you might prefer. Speak to your supplier to see what is possible. Your chosen cracker colour should be matched by ribbons in a colour and length of your choice. Your supplier will be able to advise you what options are available and how you can best create Christmas crackers that are ideally suited to your organisation.