Why Buy Crushed Garlic for Your Restaurant?

31 January 2020
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If you regularly use garlic in your restaurant, then you probably buy fresh bulbs at the moment. This isn't the only way to buy garlic, however. You can buy it in containers ready minced or crushed. Here, the supplier has peeled and prepared the garlic and put it into plastic or glass jars or containers.

What are the benefits of switching to using crushed garlic?

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

Your chefs might be quick but they'll still have to spend time peeling and chopping garlic to use in their dishes. At busy times, you want things to run as efficiently and quickly as possible; cutting even a few minutes off prep times gets food on the table more quickly.

If you use crushed garlic, then you save time. Your chefs have a ready-to-use product that they simply spoon into their dishes.

This reduces stress in your kitchen and streamlines serving times. Your customers are happy because their food arrives quickly. You may be able to fit in more bookings if people move through dinner without delays.

Reduce Wastage

Fresh garlic has a finite shelf life. After a while, cloves may still be safe to use but they lose some of their natural sweetness and start to taste a bit acrid. If they sit around for too long, they're unusable.

Problem is, you can't gauge exactly how many bulbs you'll use each day. You may end up ordering too many because you're worried about running out.

If you don't use all the cloves in a bulb quickly enough, then some of the garlic ends up in the bin. If you over order, you could end up throwing away whole bulbs. This wastes money.

Crushed garlic tends to have a longer shelf life. While you have to use the garlic within a certain time-frame after opening a jar or container, you typically have more time to play with. The garlic tastes fresh for longer.

Plus, you can pick and choose the size of containers to buy to suit your usage needs. If you don't use a lot of garlic, a small jar does the job; if you use a lot, a larger container may be more cost-effective. Either way, you reduce your wastage costs.

If you think you might want to buy garlic ready prepared, talk to your current supplier. They can show you examples of suitable products and arrange a trial order for you if you wish.