Love Garlic? Here Are Three Simple Meals You Can Add Garlic Into And Instantly Revolutionise The Flavour

27 November 2019
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Garlic is one of the most sought after ingredients across the world with many cultures creating their own unique flavours with the multidimensional vegetable (yes it technically is a vegetable!). If you try to buy garlic in your weekly shop but have recently started struggling to come up with new ideas to fit it into your meals then don't worry, you are not alone. There is a whole culinary world out there that garlic can be added to and dishes that take advantage of different parts of the garlic flavour palette. Here are three regular dishes that get a lot more delicious when a bit of garlic is added.


Omelettes are one of the most versatile dishes because you can pretty much add whatever you want to them and they will still taste good. Traditionally when you buy garlic, you are probably not thinking about adding it to an omelette, but you are missing out. If you buy garlic as fresh as possible, then you will find it has a more vibrant and juicy flavour that goes well in a herb-centric omelette. A bit of chives, shallots, some baby spinach and maybe a little touch of chorizo makes for a delicious omelette that is bursting with natural flavours. Experimentation is always good with omelettes, and you can never run out of things to try. So add a bit of garlic next time and see if you like it!

Toasted Sandwich

If you are a lover of garlic, there is no doubt you have already tried garlic naans and garlic bread. A toasted sandwich with garlic involved basically combines the two to make a delicious smorgasbord of gooey cheese with zesty garlic. Make sure you buy garlic powder or prepare the garlic by chopping it very finely. Then spread it over the bread evenly before adding cheese and whatever other ingredients (salami, tomato, ham etc) you might like. A couple of minutes in a toasted sandwich maker or in the frying pan (greased with butter) and you have a quick and tasty meal with an unmistakable garlic flavour. 

Garlic Chicken

Just like garlic, chicken is one of the more versatile meats, and it seemingly goes well with nearly any ingredient. Garlic is no exception, and a deliciously marinated and cooked garlic chicken is one of the ultimate meals for any garlic tragic. Remember: you always need more garlic than you think you will. Four or five cloves is the minimum amount you need to season 500–750 grams of chicken well. A great way to get a garlic-flavoured chicken without the effort of marinating is to cook your chicken normally but to baste it with butter and crushed garlic. This will also make the chicken more juicy as it is constantly being smothered by garlic enhanced butter.

Next time you go to buy garlic from your local store, consider trying it in one of these ways.